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Sulfuryl Fluoride


Product Specifications: Sulfuryl Fluoride Content: ≥99%
Packaging Size available: Pressure cylinders of 10kgs/40kgs and 80kgs
Usage: Sulfuryl Fluoride can be used for fumigation of ship's holds, ship cabins, ship wheelhouses, cargo in ship containers, old buildings or structures, dike or dam, wood products, historical documents or materials, herbariums, seeds of oil producing crops and forest tree seeds. It's also commonly used to control pest, rodents, and snakes by quarantine authority, trading companies, agricultural and forest organizations, textile producers, civic infrastructure sectors, and museums. In 2004, USEPA approved the use of Sulfuryl Fluoride as a fumigant to treat 14 items of dried fruits&nuts,cereal grains and their processed food items. In China, Ministry of Agriculture has officially approved use of Sulfuryl Fluoride on grains.
Pest Control Targets: insects, rodents, slugs, snakes, and nematodes.

Application of Suffuryl Fluoride to soil for ginger growing:
Ginger soil fumigation treatment with Sulfuryl Fluoride: dosage of 50g/m2. With a soil treatment, ginger nematode populations are reduced by 98% and ginger yield is increased by 50%.


Application of Suffuryl Fluoride to soil for strawberry growing:
Strawberry soil fumigation treatment with Sulfuryl Fluoride: Dosage: 50g/m2. With a soil treatment, fertilizer usage is reduced by 50%, height of strawberry plants is increased by 60%, strawberry yield is increased by up to 40% and percentage of quality strawberry fruits is increased by as high as 80%, particularly, such high grade quality fruits remain sustainably available even in the late stage of development and appears to be a primary contribution to the yield increment. Soil fumigation treatment has proven to be a well effective one for the extermination of infestations of strawberry root rot and recurrence of root rot is no longer found throughout the life stages. In addition, such a treatment for the extermination of infestations of strawberry nematodes maintains a population reduction percentage at over 90% level
within a period of three months. Compared to income record prior to a fumigation treatment, farmers' earnings are increased by a result of the successful performance.

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