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Aluminium Phosphide


Aluminium Phosphide
"CHULIANG" brand Aluminum Phosphide, based on Chinese National Standard GB5452-2001, is produced and made available through chemical combination ofAluminum Phosphide Technical Powder, Ammonium Carbamate and subsidiary ingredients. Customized specification or recipe from customers are also acceptable.

Product Specifications
ATablet weight: 3.2g±0.19, 3.0g±0.1g, 2.5g±0.1 g, 0.6g±0.03g
Active Ingredients: Aluminium Phosphide ≥56% or ≥60%
B Powder:fineness specification: mesh size 10,20 of the sieve ≥99.5% passing through
Active Ingredient: Aluminum Phosphide ≥56% or≥85%

Packaging Specifications
A Outer packing: by paperboard carton
B Inner packaging:
Aluminum Flask: 15009, 10009, 3009&909 net each;
Tinplate Flask: 15009&10009 net each;
Aluminum Tube: 909, 609&309 net each;

Product properties
The tablet is grayish-black in color with white flecks, and the powder is grayish-green in color, which absorb moisture easily and release highly toxic Hydrogen Phosphide(PH3) gas to kill insects

Used as fumigant to protect the stored and processed commodities, such as grain, herbal medicine, animal feeds, tobaccos from damage by insects
Storage and delivery
Keep in dry and cool conditions. Do not expose to strong sunlight .Keep far away from open flames, acids and oxidants. Keep away from children and domestic animals. Shelf Life: Two years


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